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Attaching htm banner Outlook 2007 email

Guest Frieprov

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Guest Frieprov

Can anyone help. I have attached html banners to signatures in Outlook 2003 and Thunderbird usually using their browse key to pick up the file. However in Outlook 2007 I cannot find a browse key. Is this because Microsoft has decided that html banners are security risks so they have removed the facility?

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Can you explain a bit more what your looking or? I don't have Outlook 2003 installed only 2007 so I can't find exactly what you mean by "Headers" or "browse button".


What I do see for 2007:



Are options to insert a picture, html link. Or, if you click on the Personal Stationery page you can add a Theme to your Signature.


I'm guessing what your looking for is the button to add insert a Picture or html to the sig.?

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Guest Frieprov


Thanks for coming back, unfortunately I only have a Thunderbird account setting to show but it is similar to Outlook 2003



The browse (or choose button on Thunderbird) allows you to choose and attach an html file to the signature, and the file I am trying to attach is a changing picture plus it is a link to a website. Trying the link on Outlook 2007 I end up with just the file name appearing on the email, and the file is not a contact or a jpeg.?

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To follow this up...


One thing you might try is to edit the HTML signature file at:



C:\Documents & settings\user name\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures



C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures


You should be able to then add in all the you want using HTML.


Another thing you can do is save your signature as a Stationary and then copy it to the Stationary page.


Try this:


1. Open the folder Documents and Settings, next
2. open the folder with your username, ex., "Paul", then
3. open the folder Application Data, then
4. open the folder Microsoft, then
5. open the folder Stationery.
6. copy or move all your signature files in html format to the Stationery folder.
7. Open outlook 2007, go to
8. Tools, then
9. Options, then
10. Mail format, then
11. Stationery and Fonts, then
12. Email signature, then
13. Theme, then
14. from Choose a Theme,
15. highlight to choose your signature file. this will be your default signature file until you go through steps 7 through 15 again to select a different signature.
16. click OK 3 times to back out to your main outlook screen.
17. create a new email message and see your signature be there. 


Keep me updated!

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Guest Frieprov

Okay, so I tried the option of putting the html file into the stationary template of Outlook 2007. It all went well until I tried saving it and Outlook closed down on me, I tried it twice and it never saved so I thought I had better leave it.


The picture shows the pages, but trying to save the file conversion page it just froze. I have now decided to try to modify the banner for the Outlook 2007 user and email it to them so they at least have the correct banner and could then forward it on after deleting any bits they do not want (cut and paste of the banner didn't seem to work). It is not the perfect solution but at least the Outlook 2007 user can have a banner.

Any other ideas I will try but it looks Microsoft just don't want us to do it, the security risk seems minimal especially as the web address is shown before you click it.

Thanks for the help.

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