Asus P52F laptop does not boot unless i press F1

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My Asus P52F laptop does not boot unless i press F1


There are no prompts to tell me what to do, so I press the function buttons, going back from F12 to F1, now if I just press F1 it loads up windows (seemingly okay) and I can get into the BIOS (not sure how exactly but it's a function key THEN holding down F1).


I have tried multiple solutions, and as far as I know, things seem to be pointing towards CMOS or the BIOS

So, i flashed my bios with latest bios version and when i restarted it booted normally with out pressing F1.

But when i shutdown and boot again, it gives me the blinking screen itself and i have to press F1 to start :(


Model : ASUS P52F

Operating System : Windows 7 32 bit

Bios version : 207

-date and time is correct

-no beeps sounds or error message screens (other than the one came before i shutdown saying there is a problem with the harddisk and i have to take a backup. I restored the system to an earlier point, checked harddisk for error. No error was detected and the message dint come thereafter)


Please help.




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