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attachments randomly switching when sending

Guest kkkim

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hello – question: is the SecureTemp folder also used for attachment being sent? we’re a windows 7/office 2010 32bit environment. i have a few users that are seeing the incorrect attachment being sent … sometimes when that attachment is being copied from one email to the outgoing one, and sometimes when the file is being attached from a local location.


i have one tech that believes it’s a cache overflow issue


My theory after I visited one user and had discussions with a number of others was that the problem had something to do with an overflowing clipboard, as at least one of the people copies and pastes attachments to and from emails all day, and the fact that they have changed their default message format to RTF from the HTML default.


I called Microsoft to verify. The report from Microsoft is that Word 2010 has changed how copy and paste works and how they handle OLE objects which in turn causes issues with copy and pasting attachments. Word has a fix in SP1 that rectifies some issues seen with the clipboard. Within Outlook they have found that when embedded messages are manipulated using normal editing techniques (cut and paste), the attachment object data becomes jumbled. Opening different attachments leads to the same attachment being launched and/or data added to attachments does not appear correctly. In addition in RTF mail, if you save and cut and paste attachments, it is more likely Outlook will become confused and if you open the Attachment, another Attachment may open. All this is similar to what has been reported, but is not exactly the same issue.


Microsoft has requested that we test installing SP1 on one of the affected users and monitor the results. i'm working on it ... but in the meantime, i’m interested to know your opinion if you have time. thanks tons. -kk

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