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What Problems Did You Have Upgrading to iOS 5?


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I started this thread so we can talk about problems and issues you've had upgrading to iOS 5 today.

It took me an hour of retrying the upgrade to even get it today. Heavy load on Apple servers.

Here's our article on it: http://www.groovypost.com/news/apple-io ... rror-3200/

So rest assured, if you're getting this error, it's not a problem on your end. It's due to such high demand on Apple servers right now.

What about the rest of you? Let's have a conversation about any problems you've had. Then we can also talk about how to fix them! 8)

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Guest brickmonkey

Well.... for me it was almost flawless. Everything downloaded, updated and synched just fine. Cool! I am at iOS 5! Or so I thought. What would not work was my music. None of my tunes would play at all. :!:


Here are the details:

- Artwork showed up.

- Albums & titled showed up.

- You could select a track.

- Nothing would happen. It would stall on 0 seconds played

- My audio books would play just fine


Here is what I tried to fix it:

- Wipe one album and synch again - did not work

- Wipe all albums and synch 1 song – did not work

- Complete restore from existing backup – did not work


What did work was a complete restore to factory setting and starting as a new phone. I had to synch all apps, music, photos…



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