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IMAP with Gmail & Outlook 2007 Integration

Guest ruthelycan

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Guest ruthelycan

Hi there - thank you for all your valuable info on here.

I got hold of the post on how to set the IMAP up in Outlook and this works fine.


After playing around and organising myself for a month or so - I require assistance with two things when it comes to organising my two gmail imap's in Outlook.


1. The Inbox - it's between all the other folders I created. How do I move the inbox to the top?


2. Offline message sorting. When I am offline and I mark a message for deletion, it does the strike through which is fine and when I am online again, it deletes. But how can I sort my inbox messages by putting it into the respective folders of the Imap account while I am offline? When I do this, I get an error: It reads something along the lines of "Can't move message, the folders can't be found - check that it's not deleted". I assume this is because I am offline. It will help to mark it for movement, once I connect again - like with the delete thing.


3. Lastly - is it not possible to incorporate both my imap accounts into the top part of outlook with the personal folders - where there is also an inbox, sent items etc?


Your help (especially with points 1 & 2) will be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks

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Hi Ruth... All good questions.


Unfortunately I don't personally use IMAP when connecting to GMAIL, I use just the browser. That being said, for #1, I don't think it's possible to move around the Inbox folder... I've been playing with it this morning and no dice. For #2, again I don't have a good solution for ya. I'll play with it a bit and get back to you on this one. I never knew this was the behavior. #3 - yeah again microsoft doesn't give you any options I can find which let you move around folders to make them easier to use.... If you do find an answer on these let me know, very good questions.

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