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Cold boot-up problems (works fine when warm), Sandybridge

Guest Nishido

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Guest Nishido

Hi All,


I recently purchased a new sandybridge system from scan.co.uk (their V15 model). Now most of the time it runs fine. When it's warm it works absolutely brilliantly. The problem comes when trying to boot-up when it's been turned off for a while (read: overnight). It just doesn't like it. I'll get constant blue screens with various different errors, such as 'MEMORY-MANAGEMENT', 'SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION', 'PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA' amongst others. Other times I'll get a black error screen that mentions there's a fault with the boot configuration (BCD) file.


Sometimes it'll eventually boot-up, but in a way that doesn't allow me to use anything (no menus will appear, start menu won't work etc). Most of the time all I can do is re-install windows from the disc. Once re-installed however, it'll run perfectly until the following morning. I've tried formatting during the re-installation process and that too produces the same results.


To me it feels like a hardware issue, since what else could the temperature affect? Scan.co.uk are of little help. I told them all of this and their advice was to, guess what..? Re-install windows... yeah great.


If anyone has any advice on the matter I'd welcome it.

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