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Outlook 2010 multiple imap account unread mail

Guest andrew

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I have multiple account IMAP and IMAPS on outlook 2010.

I want to see different inboxes with the number of unread mails and rules applied, while I need to click once on each account to see the blue number and to make rules start.

If I set calendar as opening page, no unread mails numbers and rules are applied. I need to click on each box.

If one account folder is set as outlook opening page, I see only the number of unread mails of that account, and I still have to click on others. Previous outlooks behaviour was different and better. I saw all the the numbers of unread mails and rules were all applied with no mouse click! Thank you.

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Well..... it sounds like your actually the expert for this since you've been using it in previous versions of Outlook. :)


Sorry, probably not the answer your looking for. That being said, I'll install a few of my accounts via iMAP and see if I can't find something for ya.

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Guest Tungsten

I have a POP account and an exchange account. I will like to run both at the same time. I have tried to add a mail box while running the exchange but when I go into the Open these additional mailboxes, I cannot find the one from my POP account.


Any suggestions?


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