Website outage this afternoon 6/18/2010

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My website hosting provider took an outage today which took down and all other sites. I'm honestly not that upset about the whole thing because I can honestly say, after about 3 years of hosting with, this is the FIRST and only time my site has ever been down. Period. Not only that, but during the entire outage Nexcess kept me updated by posting the issue to their Status Blog.

Update 1 – 6:29 PM EST: There was a power event at one of our facilities.

Update 2 – 7:00 PM EST: The power problem has returned.

Update 3 – 7:10 PM EST – The problem is with a UPS.

Update 4 – 7:23 PM EST – Technicians are repairing the UPS right now.

Update 5 – 7:40 PM EST – Parts on are on the way.

Update 6 – 7:58 PM EST – Technicians are continuing to work on the UPS.

Update 7 – 8:12 PM EST – We’re back online.


So, 1X in 3 years I think is pretty good. Compare that with my hosting which goes down at least 1x or 2x a month, I'll take anytime! :D


So, sorry for the downtime but everything should be back up and running for the night!

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