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I have Verizon FiOS (home account). I read the following post: ... d-port-80/ and I am unable to get my web server to be seen.


1) I made my computer IP address to be static (changed it from to

2) I fired up my web server on port 81, entered localhost:81 in my broswer and it's working

2) I went to my router's page, went to the port forwarding page, and added a new entry:


3) I entered in my browser, and it doesn't work

4) My external IP address is, so I tried entering in my browser, and it still doesn't work


Am I doing something wrong here or is Verizon in my area really strict? From the post on the blog, it appears people got other ports working (eg. 81), but I can't even get that port to work. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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When you entered in into your browser did you put HTTP:// in the front of it? Be sure to do that.


Also, when you tried that were you on the inside of your network?

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