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Guest Animis

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Guest Animis

Anyone have the new Droid Incredible phone from Verizon yet? It runs on the Google Android OS and it looked pretty sweet when I went to the Verizon store yesterday to check it out.


Downside, it's backordered and won't be shipping until June 17 or later... But I'm wondering if I should jump on it or if there is something better coming out. Right now it's $100 after bing cashback, but.. The data plan is kind of annoying at $30 per month and the 500 minute minimum voice plan that is also $30... Not to mention the roadside assistance that is an additional $3 per month, and then phone insurance is almost a no-brainer for only $60-70 per year (broken down to ~$5 per month)


Honestly I don't need any of that, there are WiFi hotspots everywhere and everyone I know has Verizon and "in-calling" is free. Oh and I have Google Voice too so... yeah the monthly price of roughly $60-$70 /month when it is all said and done seems kind of high for just a single plan. Per year that's ~$700. Almost double what I pay for High Speed internet at my house.

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I have to admit... depending on the iphone 4 release and what I think of the phone when I play with it the other phone I would go with is the Drop Incredible... We did a quick review on it (main site) and it looks pretty sweet. $100 after cashback.... very nice in fact. Especially after all the cloak and dagger nonsense Apple pulled with the Gizmodo iPhone.

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