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Problems After Repartition

Guest monazz

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Guest monazz

Thanks for the info on the imaging problem Mr. Groove.

Problems with the hard drive actually started happening when I had to extend the windows partition on the drive. I used Easeus Partition Master 5.8.1 Home Edition. I originally had two partitions on the drive. One especially for windows and one for data. I originally didn't make the windows partition large enough so I shrunk the data partition and extended out the windows partition. It completed successfully but now I am noticing the hard drive thrashes and is slower than it originally was. I used about five different free HDD diagnostic tools and only one reported a read/write error. I did however use the Samsung HDD specific tool and it reported no problems.Could repartitoning have been the cause? I am using Samsung 103UJ HDD.


Thanks for the help anyone.

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Wow... hard to say what the problem might be. I can't see why you would have issue after the fact now that you did the repartitions...???


This is 101 but I assume you already did a full defrag on the drive? It will be important to make sure all the files are together which is what the defrag will do for you.


Personally I've always used GHOST to re-image my drives and fix partition issues. This happens a lot of the server side where you make the system drive to small and as it grows and you install service packs, you need a larger C:\ or system drive.


What I *do* is grab a new drive, partition it so that it's huge then use GHOST to image my old drive to the new drive. It will show you "Original drive size = 32gigs - new drive size 72gigs etc...". Click next a few times and your golden.


Now granted, that doesn't help you out much here especially if you have just 1 drive..... Try the defrag and let us know how it works out.

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