Will firefox really delete all data? [Question from Reader]

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Email Question from Reader



After doing all these steps to clear Firefox History and Temp Files, will the system keep any files stored anywhere hidden??or if we uninstall the firefox will it keep any data in the system anywhere?If not why there are products in market to delete Temporary Internet files???can anyone explain me, i dont know much about these….coz i read in one website that Clearing the History will not alone delete all files , there are files stored in the system which we can;t delete manually.Is that true?please reply


Thanks in advance

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Hello Reader!


If you follow the instructions here: How-To Clear Firefox 3 Browsing History, Cache and Private Data and then uninstall Firefox, you should be fine. Firefox is very good about actually clearing all cache, history, cookies etc... from all locations in memory and disk.


To answer your question about "Why are there products on the market to delete Temp. Internet Files", well it's because people like to take advantage of people who have less experience with computers. If profit can be made, companies will do whatever it takes even if it means exploiting people.


Now, that being said. There are some Internet Explorer files which are not easy to delete. I can help you with that if it's a question however, speaking specifically to Firefox you should be fine following the instructions.


Hope that helps,



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