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Uninstalling Windows Defender

Guest shuffle

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I realise this is an old question - but how do I uninstall or disable Windows Defender in Windows Vista Business?


I have tried following all the suggestions from Mr Groovy - but even with it removed from MSCONFIG and with the service disabled (and given a specific username with incorrect password to log on with) it starts up every time.


My main problem (apart from hating the control freakery of Microsoft) is that it won't allow 2 of my start-up programmes to run. There is no option to tell it that I actually like those programmes!

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Hi Shuffle,


So, it looks like you tried all 3 ways to disable Defender which I posted on the site and then some:


http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microso ... -or-vista/

http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microso ... m-startup/

http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microso ... oft-vista/


Hopefully we can figure out your problem. First, is this a personal PC or a Corporate PC? I ask because I'm wondering if there is a corporate policy / GPO in place which is not allowing you to configure your box. Next, you say you disabled the DEFENDER service (called Windows Defender when you look for it under services.msc). however it still is able to run? That's really crazy.


The next thing I would suggest is to just White List your 2 startup applications which defender is blocking. To do this, go ahead and enable Defender, then launch it.


Once Launched, Click Tools, Quarantined Items. If your apps are listed, click Restore and you should be good.


You can also Launch Software Explorer from the Tools menu and under "Startup Programs", Click "Showing for all users" then find your 2 apps that are not starting and enable them if they are disabled.


So, a few things to try and more info to post here :)


Thanks & keep me updated.


Which is looks like you have,

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Mr Groove


Many apologies - it is actually User Access Control which is preventing my programmes from running - not Windows Defender.


This is another area of real angst though - Microsoft no-Help tells me how to get such programmes running, but then says I have to do this each time Windows starts. Yes, I know - but WHY????? Why can't I say to MY computer which programmes it should run?


I've tried telling the programmes to run as Administrator, etc etc etc...


Thanks for all your advice anyway.

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Mr Groovy


Yes, I've disabled UAC before - but then I thought about it. Yes, it is incredibly annoying - but it is Microsoft's best answer to their extremely vulnerable operating systems.


I realise that 99.9% of people will simply click Continue if asked to - without necessarily wondering why they've been asked to do so - but I hope I'm not one of them.


I'm searching for a way to have UAC - but under my control. I want to say "This programme is good and I trust it, so I want it to be able to work."


One of the affected programmes is MailWasher - which I use to control my spam. The nice folk at MailWasher have spent a long time looking into just this problem and have promised me a new release which will get over this problem soon. But why do they have to do that? Why can't I - with my Administrator password - determine what is good and what is bad for me?

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Hi Shuffle,


It's good to hear your security conscience and you actually THINK before you click :)


I agree, I think the UAC could be left enabled but more configuration could be added to it so you could white list various applicaitons etc... hopefully the application owners your working with take care of your problem quickly for you!

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