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Guest rocket20229

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Guest rocket20229

OK, so my Java is corrupted I guess. But the problem is that I can't download any updates so that it will work (because it says that I am missing a file), and I can't get rid of it (because it says I don't have it on my computer at all). It's definitely there, but some one or more of its files is/are missing...including something that would allow me to uninstall it and start over. Any ideas? Thanks!

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You could try 2 things (what I would do). First, you could get on a machine with a good copy of the JAVA client and copy the files to a USB drive or something then copy it to your computer that's having the issues. This might work..


Another option is to manually delete all the files from the hard drive "c:\program files\java\jre????" and try another install again. If that fails you can scrub the registry for any reference to JAVA on the system.


Just remember, if you go into the registry and screw something up... you could be in a lot of trouble. :)

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Another thing you could do is try installing it overtop of the installation that is already there.

Download Link here: http://jdl.sun.com/webapps/getjava/Brow ... ava.com:80


Once you reinstall it, you should be able to use the uninstallation tool. Other than that, yeah you'll need to do it manually like Joseph mentioned. To delete some of the programs you'll need to end their processes in the Task Manager as well. Hold Ctrl+Shit+Esc to open the Task Manager, close jusched.exe and any other processes that look java related.

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