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It's World Password Day! (Hopefully for the last time)

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Since 2013, we've celebrated the first Thursday of May as World Password Day. It's the one day of the year when you hopefully remember to change your password. I mean, you should do that much more often, but baby steps, right?

Well, like I say in my overview of the holiday, I kinda hope World Password Day will become a thing of the past. Passkeys are where it's at, they're really the future of cybersecurity.

So, let's make sure we give our passwords the attention they deserve today, and hope that even more sites and services adopt passkeys. 

What's your experience been like with passkeys so far? Which of your important online accounts are lagging and don't support it yet?

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Passkeys rock (where they work anyway). Some sites...like Microsoft don't have a userfriendly way to use them. However, Apple and Amazon have integrated it well into their service.

Still, very important to use Two-Factor Authentication (2fa) even if you have passkeys enabled. You will have peace of mind knowing your account is protected if you can't sign in with passkeys for some reason.

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2 hours ago, Jeff Butts said:

What's your experience been like with passkeys so far

So... I'm a 1Password guy, and all my Passwords are random and stored. I have no idea what they are. They are all unique.

I've not made the plunge to move into Passkeys outside a few sites. I guess I need to get on that...

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