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iPhone 3.1 Update breaks ActiveSYNC

Guest justinGP

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Guest justinGP

Anyone read about this - http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/09 ... grief.html


Nice job MacTards...


Fortunately for me I still use a blackberry and I refuse to pay for updates to my iPod Touch.


Improved support for Microsoft's Exchange Server's security policy features, delivered in the iPhone 3.1 firmware update, has left some users angry after discovering that their mobile device is no longer compatible with the policy defined by their company.


At issue is Apple's iPhone client implementation of Exchange ActiveSync, the Microsoft specification Apple licensed last year in order to provide official support for Exchange Server sync to the iPhone and iPod touch.




Oh the humanity

This change in the iPhone 3.1 update was poorly communicated to users by Apple, which should have at least alerted users of the potential impact of the upgrade during the installation process. The same update also quietly disabled tethering support on AT&T for certain users who had enabled the software feature against the terms of their AT&T contract.

The result was confusion and frustration by users, many of whom lack any capacity to motivate their company's Exchange admins to help them understand what had happened, let alone accommodate them with security policy changes from the default settings many Exchange Server shops never bother to change.


Similar security policy problems have resulted in problems for Mac users. Windows Server introduced changes that broke compatibility with existing clients while trying to enhance the network's security profile in tandem with the launch of Vista, for example. Support for alternative platforms like the iPhone and the Mac is not Microsoft's top priority, of course. However, Apple's increasing popularity among consumers, particularly among executives and mobile road warriors, has helped to promote improved support for Apple clients in many Windows-oriented companies.


Still, when unexpected things happen, many pundits are ready revile Apple's security credentials and denounce the company in scathing terms. Writing for InfoWorld, Galen Gruman stated Apple had "betrayed the iPhone's business hopes" and accused the company of misrepresenting the security profile of its iPhone devices, based on the speculation that iPhone 3.0 software must have "lied" by reporting that it was performing encryption prior to the update.

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