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How do you recover Word 2010 password?


I have a two word documents that I know the password for but when I when I type it in it always states it is not the correct password. I have taken it to two different computer techs. What is the best way to unblock these files?

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Dupe question -- http://answers.groovypost.com/questions/1057/need-to-recover-a-office-word-2010-password

Word 2003 can be instantly cracked because the password and encryption is junk. Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 however started using fairly good encryption which can complicate password recovery.

The only product I've used that actually works is from a company called Passware. They sell a kit for most Office products however here's the Microsoft Word Password Recovery tool. It's not free however I can testify that it works and should get you in as long as your password wasn't 15 characters with special characters and phrases. If that's the case... you might be out of luck.

Hope that helps!

In the event you need it, heres the Excel recovery tool as well -- http://gpo.st/lost-excel/

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