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Luis jR

How do I transfer mini DV videos from camcorder to laptop


Hi,I am trying to find a product that will able me to transfer my videos from my canon zr200 mini DV ... to my gateway nv52 laptop. My problem is as follows; The camcorder has a firewire connection IEEE1394 port. However, my laptop only has 3 usb, hdmi port and a multi card reader. There is no firewire port, nor express card reader on my laptop. Is there any device I can purchase so I can transfer my videos to my laptop? According to what I've read, you cannot transfer videos via usb. Only with a firewire card and reader? Thanks,Luis Jr.

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Hi Luis,

It's my understanding that all you need is a cable which connects to the firewire post on your Camcorder to a USB port on your Laptop. I don't think you need a firewire port on your laptop (at least this is what I'm reading). There should be no need for an adapter.

A cable like this one from Amazon should get you up and going. You should probably just call Best Buy or another local computer store and take your camera and laptop with you and test out a few cables. That's what I would do.

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