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Hello everyone,


My member name is Mobear410 and my real name is Thom Dickey. My website is currently under construction or I would provide it here. I am 63 years old and I have been using computers since D.O.S. 3.0 was released prior to windows 1.0 and the internet. I was a sysop, remote sysop and co sysop on a few BBS systems in the San Diego County. I currently live in Oregon about 75 miles from the California border in the Rogue Valley. I am so attached to the internet these days that I think of myself as a internet junkie. I just can't get enough of the internet. Should we ever have a EMP go off in the country shutting down our computers and internet I will be lost I am so addicted to my computers and internet. It is just a matter of time though. I look forward to meeting others on this forum before it happens. I do a lot of surfing as long as my hands allows me to do so. I have severe pinched nerves in my left arm that sometimes keeps me from using the computer in a way that I can type clearly and easily. I'm also a software junkie. I spend a great deal of time downloading then testing the software & putting it to use if it turns out to be worthwhile.


I am a disabled Vietnam vet and I guess that is all I am going to rattle to you for today. Hope your surfing brings you a great deal of joy.


Later on,


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