2016 Outlook: My Outlook Data File

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I have an business MSN.com Exchange ActiveSync e-mail account.

I created a MY OUTLOOK DATA FILE folder via:

Home/New Items/More Items/Outlook Data File

The folder appeared below my e-mail account in the view pane.

I moved a lot of old e-mail folders down to the My Outlook Data File.

I saw them all there when I finished.

I opened Outlook up this morning and all the e-mails that I moved are gone from the view pane under My Outlook Data File.

It also created a .pst folder in My Documents, but that is empty.

I am in a panic now.......where could all those e-mails be that I moved?

I'm in big trouble!! Please help!

Thank you.

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Hey there - a little late to the party here but checking to see if you still need some help with this? Sorry -- didn't see this until now. Sorry about that.

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