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BSOD & Other Issues in Windows 10

John Mackey

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Ok I updated to windows about a month ago. Then I seen in the the downloads Windows 10 pro is available for download. So I download and installed it. Couple of days later there was a Cumulative update for Windows 10 so I installed that.

This was within the past couple of months or so.


During this time I'm getting the BSOD which states "Driver IRQl not less or equal to(Neti0.sys) and it says its gathering information and will reboot I can then work on the computer for a bit longer and then I'll get the same BSOD. Spent hours searching the web and trying out everything. A couple of folks said it was the Network driver that needed updated. But all my drivers whether they be Network, graphics Mobo, or anything else are up to date and current.


Also since Windows 10 pro and that first cumulative Update after that which I don't remember what it was the start in the lower left corner or the search box no longer works if I click on it. I can right click on either one and I'll get a drop down box where I can select things.


Now I've ran several different trouble which are available in Windows 10, tried going back to an earlier restore point; all that did was delete all my bookmarks. Got postings on the windows web site and have tried several things. Like running some DI something or other command but to no avail.


The two things for which I've not tried yet is:


1. re-installing windows and keeping my files. Reason for this is the fact that I started to do this the only thing is when I was going through the process of doing this it listed a bunch of files for which I would have to re-install including 1/2 my drivers. What good is doing a re-install and keeping your files if it's just going to wipe them out any way?


2. Formatting the HD Copying my current drive over and re-downloading and installing Windows 10.


Now currently I'm using a duplicate drive that I copied from the Original one that I didn't install windows 10 to that I am using now. It's running Windows 7. I don't even get the BSOD like in Windows 10.


Any and all help or suggestions on what to do or try would in fact be appreciated. And Please don't tell me that I've got to click on the windows icon for it to work. Already had one brain dead MS employee tell me this here.


Thanks in advance.

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