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I have two "identical" computers that I bought at the same time, with Windows 7 OS. On one of them I can use Win-Tab to scroll through the open windows. It makes a nice sort of 3-D arch of the windows so I can see where in the order the screen I want is.


On the other machine only Alt-Tab will scroll through the open windows, and I don't like it as well as the Win-Tab way. But, I can't figure out what is different between the two machines. Can anyone tell me how to get the Win-Tab feature to work on this machine?


(Btw, this my first post to this BB) :)

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I found that the difference between the two computers :) was that one was using a "Windows Theme" for the desktop. That turns on the "Aero Experience" part of which is the "3-D Flip" to scroll through the open programs. It also turns windows to "clear glass panes" when you move cursor focus out of the window. Not sure I like that. :(


Microsoft sure has a lot of engineers doing a lot of stuff that's of questionable value, but, then, that's "progress".

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Heya Indy!


Sorry I missed your questions earlier but I'm glad you found the fix! Also, thanks for posting WHAT that fix was!


Welcome to the Forums.

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