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Slack Upgrade - Slack 1.1.7 and 1.1.8

Steve Krause

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We're a huge fan of Slack here at groovyPost. Looks like they just drop a few updates today, taking us to version 1.1.8 of Slack. Here's the details on the release below.


BTW - If you've not signed up for Slack yet -- Get a $100 credit for your new account by using this URL: https://slack.com/r/04ubqdu3-09hnu3c1


And yes -- I'll get a $100 credit also from the Affiliate / Referral link from SlackHQ also. Thanks!


Slack 1.1.8 (These Days)

•Fixed: Some people had a username that was so cool that our app would just spend all its time thinking about how great it was, instead of loading! We've gently reminded our app to still load, but think about how cool you are in its free time.

Slack 1.1.7 (These Days)

•Improved: Hate it when you close the window and Slack stays in your taskbar? We heard you. The tray is back, forever may it reign.
•Improved: Slack will now start tucked away in the tray if the "Launch app on login" preference is checked.

•Fixed: An obnoxious bug that would cause some customers' apps to reload when logging in. We want you to login. Really, we do.
•Fixed: Frozen downloads got you down? Cheer up, kid. :sparkles: We've unstuck 'em!
•Fixed: An issue where emoji were appearing as HTML in notifications. Eww.
•Fixed: The impolite interruptions to your typing when a notification comes in. Our mothers taught us better.
•Fixed: Machine-wide installations are, like, 72% more reliable on Windows 7, and tell you what to do once they finish.
•Fixed: We'll now automatically detect old-and-busted installs and clean up after ourselves.


Plenty in there to get excited about -- Recommend you grab the bits and upgrade today!

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