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can a word 2010 doc disappear??

Guest benjale

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Guest benjale

I was working on a word 2010 document for hours the other day. I have my files in dropbox on my desktop. I have the autosave on for every 10 minutes. The document saved on Monday at 3, I worked on it all day Tuesday and then saved at 3. When I went to open the document on Wednesday, everything was gone. Even though the document was there (saying I saved it at 3 on tuesday) it was the Monday at 3 version. There is NO autosaves or deleted files of any sort, it is almost as if I never worked on it at all. Except that 3 other documents I had opened simultaneously all saved perfectly fine no problems (of course these are not the important document). I work for a university so I was on with their tech support and I called microsoft support, both of which had me checking .asd .tmp, etc. files and nothing can be found.


I feel like i have to give up finding it at this point (unless anyone has had this happen and has ideas?!?). BUT...I want to know HOW this happened. Any time I have lost anything before it was a user error (forgot to save, pressed dont save, etc), this is a mystery to me. I just changed the autorecover to save directly into dropbox and not in the "roaming" appdata default file. But I am now worried it could it be an issue with dropbox?


Does anyone have any suggestions for me??

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