Website online, but all PC's browsers wont display it

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Hi there, im wondering if you can help me.


Ive just registered a domain, Ive uploaded wordpress core, and it is online. It can be viewed on other pc's, laptops, and also through third party services (like Google Pagespeed) but on my Windows XP pc it keeps giving the basic error for a website not found, like 'Server not found' on Firefox. The website cannot be viewed on Chrome or IE either.


Im pretty sure that this is not server-side, it must be specific to this pc, so I was wondering if anyone knows how this may be blocked.


I have checked the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file, and thats not blocking it. Is there any other way that a windows xp pc can choose to block a single site? No other sites are affected, and as I mentioned, this site can be viewed from other computers.

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You still stuck on this one?


Did you try on a mobile to confirm it was your computer? How long did you wait after you registered? Could also be a DNS issue. try to ping the domain and see if the right IP comes up.

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