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Outlook 07 AutoPopulate From with Multiple exchange accounts

Guest Jrod696

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Guest Jrod696

I will start off with I am using outlook on a primary exchange account and then have gone into the account advanced setting and added another exchange account. Think of it as my personal work email, and then the second mailbox is more of a support mailbox so I can answer questions anonymously.


I will refer to my personal email box as box A: and my second support box as box B:


Until about 2 weeks ago whenever a mail arrived in box B I could read it and when I hit reply/reply All it would automatically send from box B and the people receiving the reply would be none the wiser on who actually made the reply. Now when I reply to an email in box B it does not send from box B but from box A my personal account so the reply comes directly from me. Now I do have permissions and can manually type in the from line the box I want it to come from but I have never had to do that before.


Well I can see it now the next response is why don't you just type the from line in every time... well I have been but as an example just one time I forgot and the email went to an agent coming from me directly not the support mailbox and now they think they have a direct contact for help AND are sharing my personal email address with other agents as the "contact this guy directly" for help.


I have tried the delegates reg fix and there is some kind of hot-fix but it fails and says it couldn't find what it was looking for, i have tried it on 2 different machines. I have also made sure the cached mailbox option is checked. and have dropped and re-added the account with no luck either.


So to some it up, multiple exchange accounts, personal and support box. I need it to automatically fill the from or automatically send from the specific box of the email I am replying to as it was doing until about 2 weeks ago.

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