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  • How to Add and Switch Between Multiple Zoom Workplace Accounts

    Steve Krause

    During the pandemic, several of my family and friends (myself included) upgraded from the free Zoom accounts to the paid tier. Even with the pandemic over, I still have my personal paid account and use it frequently for various reasons (including groovyPost writers meetings.)

    Earlier this month, on April 15th, Zoom made a huge update to its Zoom client, renaming it to Zoom Workplace and adding a long laundry list of features.

    One of the features that "feels" like it got an update was the ability to switch between Zoom accounts. For me, that's great because I don't like to use my business account with my personal account. I tried out the new feature and took a few screenshots I figured I would share with ya. Enjoy.

    First, you need to add an account to your Zoom client. To do this, click your account icon, then click Switch Account.

    add zoom account

    Pretty brain dead step here, just add the 2nd account you want to add to your Zoom Workplace client.


    Now, when you click on your Profile Icon again, you can choose which account you want to use under Switch account. As you can see, I can easily flip between the accounts really easily.


    Overall, a super simple process to jump between accounts. It's saving me time and hopefully it helps you out also.

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    2 hours ago, shockersh said:

    Zoom? Nah bro. Discord all the way. It's 2024 not 2020.

    I think it really depends on what you're doing. Discord is great for the home/personal side of things. But, small biz and enterprise customers.... Zoom is a solid option. Much better than Teams (for me anyway.)

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    14 hours ago, Brian said:

    Discord is cool but it feels like an aging platform. But I can't say I have done a video meeting with it. Chats only so far. Zoom is straightforward and professional.

    I've done voice chats and screen sharing/streaming in Discord, but never video meetings. From what I've seen, though, it's really not well-suited to a video meeting with more than 2 participants.

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