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Storage in Gmail and Picasa


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Dammit, I want 7 gigs of storage in my Picasa :P Not Gmail.


LOL ok fine.. BUT, for $.041 cents a month ($5 a year), I think you can afford to upgrade Picasa to 20 Gigs of storage which should be plenty for ya ;)




Google Picasa - Paid Storage


When you run out of free storage for any product, you can purchase additional storage that is shared between products. This shared storage can be used for Picasa Web Albums uploads (Google Buzz and Blogger as well), Gmail messages, Docs uploads or a mix of all three - it will be used by any product that's over its free storage quota on a first-come, first-served basis. Choose from the following storage plans:


20 GB - $5/yr

80 GB - $20/yr

200 GB - $50/yr

400 GB - $100/yr

1 TB - $256/yr

2 TB - $512/yr

4 TB - $1024/yr

8 TB - $2048/yr

16 TB - $4096/yr

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I ended up doing that because I started using web albums for all my other podcast and photo stuff. The 5 dollar plan was perfect. I have a TON of albums up at This link right here. Even with all those I'm not even close to the 20 GB.


$5 isn't a bad deal. Just be careful when it comes to renewal. I hear the renewal is not a great process...

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