acer aspire 6920 blu-ray problems

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my laptop is having problems playing blu ray movies through my tv, ive used downloaded movies/tv programs and normal dvds and they worked fine on my tv via the hdmi port but i tried to play final destination 4 through my tv and it wouldnt play, a msg popped up and said i didnt have the right graphics drivers but when i checked them it said they were up to date . but it works on the laptop itself.


i have to use the acer deluxe player

does anyone know how to solve this problem?

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First thing first, can your laptop play other media to the tv through the hdmi port?


Also, can configure your video card to output to hdmi port? Windows key + p button is what I use for this.

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yes i watch everything through my tv using the HDMI port. dvds to files on a flash drive (things ive downloaded)


ive never had any problems playing these, but when it came to the blu-ray disc it just wouldnt play on my tv but would if i watched it on my laptop so i know there nothing wrong with the bd rom drive


thanks for your advice i will try this.

EDIT: tried that but didnt get anything from it


system properties: Vista premium 32 bit, 4gb ram, 350gb HDD, ATI radeon hd3650, if that helps

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