windows smartscreen in taskmanager was always running

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I may have done the wrong thing. I used  Iobit unlocker on smartscreen.exe and deleted it from System32 . not sure if it was smart or not but no errors as yet. 

Did i do something totally stupid?  I have Iobit antimalware, Hitman pro, Malwarebytes antimalware, super antispyware all up to date.


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i'm trying to Stop most of the microsoft crap that i don't need or use. i do not use edge of explorer browsers.  smartscrean opens with Edge. so i close in taskmanager.

so far i have deleted most XBox live crap. i believe pc stuff should for pc not console cross over crap.

plus windows 10 is so full of crap no one wants.

i also disabled all Hyper V stuff in services. 

And i will be doing this after every big update, 

ITS a game and stream rig.   

P.s I have using a pc since windows 1998se.   and how windows change so much in personal data collecting.   

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OK got it. Makes sense. Smartscreen isn't something I ever enable on IE/Edge etc... But if you nuke it, shouldn't hurt anything I can think of. 

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