Is it a good idea to shut down my computer every day?

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When I was growing up I remember being told this all through school and what not but people would say that you shouldn't turn off the computer too often because it is bad for it. Is this a issue I should be worried about when I buy a new computer soon?

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Shutting down your home computer / laptop every night isn’t bad and won’t shorten its life.

Some people say that shutting down every night stresses components and solder joints with the heating and cooling. This may have been the case with early PCs and shoddy solder but it’s not a problem anymore.

I have experienced issues with servers which after running for months suddenly fail after being shut down. This could lead some folk to conclude that the shutdown has caused the failure.The thing to remember here is that the server failure was not caused by shutting it down every night. It just happened to coincide with the shutdown.

Apart from not being bad, shutting down every night has the following potential benefits:

  1. Can make problems with software less frequent
  2. Removes the risk of power surge whilst the PC is shut down and unplugged
  3. Less dust drawn into the PC by the fan because it’s turned off for several hours each night
  4. Saves power
  5. Less wear and tear on moving parts such as fan bearings and hard drives.
  6. Extend the life of battery on laptops

Items 2 to 6 could also be achieved by hibernating the PC / laptop and unplugging it

Possible disadvantages of shutting down every night

  1. It can be an inconvenience having to wait for it to start every day
  2. Unable to access PC remotely until you have turned it back on
  3. May have to perform virus checking / updating whilst using PC (not a big problem on a new PC)

So if you don’t have a need to have it switched on 24/7 then just do whatever is best or more conveinient for you

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Instead of shutting down your computer all the time, I would suggest putting it into Hibernate mode. It's a low-power state and will allow you to pick up right where you left off -- much faster that a complete reboot every day.

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