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SnagIt Use in Windows

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Snagit lets you configure any hotkey you want to use so that way you an still use PrintScreen button for something else you want.

For example, I set CTRL+ALT+PRINTSCREEN to use with Snagit and it works great. And yes, it copied it to your clipboard when done.


Correct, Snagit allows you to set the Capture option to anything you want actually. You can also disable it 100% if you want.

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      I use Snagit a lot. And it works great all the time. But since this afternoon, when I past a picture into Snagit, Im not able to do something with it. Everytime I select a tool, like drawing a square, it will move the picture after I have selected the tool. So, this is what happening (and I did try to make list with bullets but for some reason, bullets screw up the complete post. So, no bullets. Sorry.)
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