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Baby monitor hacked?


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Hey so my downstairs neighbor gave me a baby monitor, one of the like cctv ones that are like walkie talkies. After reading the article published by Jack Busch on baby monitor security and him saying if someone has hacked in go chase the punk in the front yard and tell him you're gonna tell his mom, hilarious by the way. Well not so simple for me. I have a 14 month oldĀ  and we are expecting again. The wife's water broke at 24 weeks and she has been in the hospital for 20 days. So I don't really need to tell you, it's been tough. What makes it even more difficult is the possibility of my baby intentionally kept up by my neighbors who at first appeared to be a descent young family with descent intentions. I have been living here for about 15 months, matter of fact got this apartment for Jaxxon(14 mo old) and decided to settle down again and focus on family values and raise my fifth kid not even planning on a sixth(now in the works). I wanted to know if someone could tell me figure out if this person I thought was being nice and helping by giving us what I thought was a very generous gift from someone I had basically just met was instead a wolf in sheepskin intending to spy or prank. I'm lost and alone. My mom died not that long ago, lost my sister last month and I live 500 miles away from anyone I know. I am disabled, mentally ill and on a fixed income and have limited resources and time to investigate properly. Please I don't know what to do and now on top of it all im being bullied and feel like a prisoner in my own home. I thank you in advance for ANYTHING you can do to help. Jason Mandell 142 S Brooklyn Ave, Wellsville NY 585-446-6266 email: mandelljason13@gmail.com

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