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Transfer Documents from XP to my iPad

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Question from Reader:

I need to transfer my windows XPdocuments to my ipad. I have read sooomuch information on line but nothingthat is providing help for myparticular situation. Icloud does notwork with windows xp. Would you knowhow to move my files to my ipadwithout email every file to myself?



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You have a few options. The easiest is to probably just install Dropbox on your XP system and on your iPad. Drop all the documents into your Dropbox folder on your XP system and the files will automatically be copied to your iPad or any other device you install Dropbox on.

When you want to view your files, just launch dropbox on your iPad and your files will all be there. Another option would be to install on your iPad is GoodReader because it can view most files and is really great for transferring files also. Evernote also is a great tool to install on both PC and iPad.

So you have a lot of options! The Dropbox is probably the easiest to get the files backed up in the cloud and moved to your iPad. From there, you can decide on other apps.

Oh -- and another option is to just plug the iPad into your XP machine. It should come up as a USB drive. You can then just copy the files over to it.

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