Can you run Quicken in the Cloud?

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Can one effectively and conveniently run/operate Quicken "in the cloud" using either the home or office computer with a cloud service such as "Box" or "Drop Box"?

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Well -- If you've installed Quicken on your PC, there is nothing preventing you from storing the quicken data files in a dropbox folder which is then sync'd with the cloud so then if you goto another PC that has Quicken installed, you could install Dropbox and then load that same file. It's not really "CLOUD" but it might work.

Another option is to use the free accounting software from Intuit called MINT. It's fully "cloud" enabled, nothing to install on your PC however it's very much a "Diet Coke" edition of the full-blown Quicken. Intuit calls it "Online Money Management" vs. accounting software.

And the 3rd options is the "fully" online version of Quicken called QuickBooks Online -- http://quickbooksonline.intuit.com/

Not exactly made for the normal home user however it is an option.

Freshbooks.com is also starting to position itself as online accounting software. YOu might want to take a look at it also.


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I use Google Drive. Works great.


So you keep your quicken file there correct? Yeah I do that also only I use Sugarsync. that's great for a personal client running Quicken but not really a "cloud" service via browser.

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