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    • Guest Jacques Cubbie
      By Guest Jacques Cubbie
      I like launching Google Docs as a pinned application, like you showed us how to do in this tutorial:
      But I want it to show my starred docs first, not just my HOME folder. There's no settings in Google Docs for that, is there? I looked but can't find one.
    • By Jack
      Hi, I know I could probably google this answer but I'm lazy.
      So, I've got a Google Chrome web page pinned to my task bar, and when you launch it, it clears out all the "junk." But then I zoomed out using CTRL mouse wheel and I can't figure out what is 100% zoom (i.e. default). Anyway to temporarily show the settings menu in a pinned Chrome app?
    • By Rufio
      I just installed the Skype desktop application and it installed a Chrome extension without even asking me if it could. That really ticks me off.
      Is there anyway to block unscrupulous programs from installing plugins/extensions into your browser?
    • By mamacita
      I haven't ever had to use any type of Google forum. Just trying to access my chrome account on my laptop. When I open chrome to get on the web it is showing me someone else's bookmarks and info, but no one is signed in. If I try to sign in with my account info Google tells me, my account is already running on this computer...I can still get my email on my nexus
    • By Rufio
      A lot of the programs I have running on my computer came with HTML help files. When the I use the in-program links to open them Chrome just spits out the following error:

      This browser does not display help installed on your local machine. Please use another browser to view the help. For more information, see Chromium issue 47416 (http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=47416).
      This is super frustrating because I don't know how to set it up so local files will use IE or FF instead, while still keeping Chrome as my primary browser. I would prefer to just use Chrome for everything though. Does anyone have a fix for this?
      [This is running Chrome version 25.0.1364.172 m]
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