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Files sizes showing big during burning

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I have three avi video files. Sizes are 58.8 MB, 77.8 MB & 280 MB. Total sizes are 416.6 MB. When I selected these files to burn into one CD through Nero Start Smart Essential software, File sizes are showing 1510 MB which is not able to come into one CD - R. Can you help me why the file sizes are showing bigger than actual ? Awaiting your co-operation. Thanks.

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That is very odd. Are you trying to copy them to a CD only so you can make a copy of them and not lose them or did you want to copy them so you can watch them?

Obviously you cannot watch an AVI video on a CD you would need a DVD. Not a good point if that is not your plan.

I'm puzzled personally and I'm going to guess the problem is with Nero. The best thing I would advise is to just forget about Nero and go download ImgBurn from http://www.imgburn.com/.

Imgburn is a FREE and safe application that makes burning things to CD or dvd simple. Just go grab that and I'll bet your problem will be solved!

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