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Why does the SD Card Space on my Android not show all the space?

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You must have something else other than the apps stored on the card. Maybe you have pictures videos or mp3s which are taking up the other 500MB.


I only have maybe 10 pixs and about 30 mp3s! i don't understand why storage space says only 52MB free when card is 1.86 GB. 467(used) plus 52(free)this equals a little over 500MB. There should be over 1.8GB free?? Thanks 4 advice guys, any other ideas??

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When I check my Sd card space, which is 1.86 GB it says I have 1.46 GB avaliable space. When I check SD card storage used by apps. it says 467Mb used and only 52.29MB free. Any ideas???


I just got from my carrier to see if they had an explanation and heres what they told me. The way the Android system works is that it allocates 500MB for apps and operating system and the others 1.44GB are free for pixs, videos, mp3s etc. I only have about 20 apps on phone leaving me 52MB for extra apps which isnt a hell of alot of space for apps. Kind of a @#$%*!ed up system if you ask me!! You would think that a 2GB card would be able to use the whole friggin thing as 1 storage device. Next phone will be an iphone!!!!!!!!

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I don't use Android but spoke to a friend who does. He explained that confusingly android refers to internal memory as SD storage. So when you check the SD card space and it says 1.46GB available you are checking the external SD card that you fitted. when it says only 52.29MB available android is referring to the internal memory.

He has never heard of allocating 500MB for apps though but he has heard of some apps that write cache files all over your SD card using up and wasting the space.

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