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How to Share/Send Outlook Contact Groups

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Depending on version... in 2010, you can right click on the group in your address book and choose Forward Contact as an Outlook Contact, then mail it to another user. You should be able to do something similar in older versions as well.

If that doesn't work, you can always export your address book to a file, mail that file to another computer (or user), and import it from there.

Do either of these sound like what you're looking to do? Please let me know if you need any additional help - I can give you click by click instructions on either method.

I have verified through some quick testing that if one of the contacts within the group does not exist on the target PC, it still will not exist on the target PC; but you will be able to access the properties of the "missing" contact, simply by choosing that record within the group - if that makes any sense. You can then send that specific contact to yourself as an attached Outlook Contact, and pull it into your PAL from there... if you only need the Group itself, that's a couple of steps you can skip.

Good Luck!Rick


Great answer, I received this question via email and directed him to your response. Thanks RShores!

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