How To Access Files from Hard Disk or CD with DosBox

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I have recently downloaded DOSbox and I don't have a clue about the DOS operating system used years ago.What I can't figure out is how to download,from a CD/ROM,onto the DOSbox program(or into a folder that DOSbox can recognize.Do I just create a folder in one of my files?Please help!

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Using DosBox is pretty simple if you understand how it works.

First thing you should do is copy the files from the CD/ROM onto your hard drive. To make it simple, create a sub directory on you C: drive called c:cdstuff and copy all the files into that folder you want to access from DosBox.

Now, launch DOSBOX and mount the folder using the following command:

mount c c:\cdstuff\

Using that command you should now have a C drive in Dosbox with the files in the CDSTUFF folder.

There ya go! Should be all good!

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