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Deleting a facebook page permanently

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To delete your Page or Place:

  1. Click Edit Page in the upper-right corner of your Page
  2. Select Manage Permissions from the left sidebar
  3. Click Delete [Your Page Name]

Alternatively you can unpublish your page and make it instantly hidden from public view.

Another fast way to have your Facebook page deleted is to publicly upload content that violates Facebooks Terms of Service (ToS).

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How do I permanently delete a page and have it take effect immediately...without having to wait 14 days for it to take effect?


On the Facebook page you want to delete:

  • go to your account settings (under the arrow in the upper right corner next to HOME)

  • On the upper left corner, click on the SECURITY tab.

  • On the very bottom of the page, click on "Deactivate Your Account"

  • Facebook will permanently delete the account after 30 days.

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