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    • By bandoo
      I have to change and bring the date and time up to 2012 every time I switch off the p.c. and restart.It invariable goes back to some date in 2010.Reformatting and change in battery has been done.I have a desktop.What could be the remedy?I have to reset every time I start.Thanks,
    • By eddiestinson
      It's maddening to find a neat photo, copy and paste it to an email and then learn from the receiver all they could see was a zillion lines of script. This occurs using both Chrome and Firefox.
      I love to share non copyrighted pictures of all types and would sure appreciate a tip or two.
    • By Rufio
      I know computers should have antivirus. I have a Windows computer. Which antivirus should I go for?
      Also I am thinking about buying a Mac or Linux. Does Mac or Linux require antivirus to stay safe?
    • By jax200
      How can one assess how effective an antivirus software is, if at all? Are there "test viruses" that one can use to evaluate the robustness of protection of your PC?
      Also, is there any evidence that some combination of software protection software is better than having just one alone?
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