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can iphone 4 sync to 2 or more computers

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First of all It does not make any sense why you would want to sync to 2 different computers??? If you sync from one to the other your all your doing just replacing files back and forth from 1 computer to the other WTF??? I think what you mean (Im guessing) is can you connect to 2 different computers. Yes, just make sure the option in itunes is set to "do not sync" then you can manually add photos, mp3s, apps or whatever you want to do. I connect to my lap top and tower all the time this way!

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Short answer: yes.

You simply need to make sure your iTunes account is authorised on all computers you're going to sync with. To do this, go to iTunes, select Store and then go to Authorise this computer. Provide your password and you should be ready to go.


Exactly....just authorize all the pcs you want to sync with

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Yes you can. You just need to authorize each one. I would turn off automatic syncing if you do though, things can get messed up and confusing...especially on iTunes for Windows.

You can also create two separate Apple IDs too ... but that gets things even more complicated.

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