DVD Playing Software - Question from Reader

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Hello, Love your posts ! I would like to get my DVD player working without paying Windows for it...Can you help me with some FREE software that I can load that will get m player working again ?





Hi Paul -- are you running Windows 10 or another version of Windows? Personally, I suggest using VLC. It's a great video player that's built for almost any platform. ... usic-free/


Hope that helps ya!



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Hi Groovydude, i have tried getting VLC to read my dvds, I run Windows 10 Pro, but I keep getting an error "

Your input can't be opened:

VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///E:/'. Check the log for details."


however I can never find a log file to check it out. From what I've read its something to do with the upgrade to windows 10 and a conflict or something with the optical drive? Any advice? I absolutely hate windows 10, in my opinion windows 7 is far superior. Because of the upgrade, my integrated graphics card is incompatible, though I'm getting it to work with a driver for windows 8 and my favorite game is useless and its incompatible with windows 10.


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