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  1. I'm thinking about getting a console, but it's insanely hard to pick between the three. Here's what I think of each: XBOX 360: Has good exclusives, uses achievements which are also supported by PC (Games for Windows Live). I already have a LIVE account so it would be great if I wanted all of my games to be in one place. Obvious minus here is the risk of a RROD, and the trouble of having to pay for LIVE GOLD in order to play multiplayer. PS3: Unbelievably awesome exclusives, yet fairly expensive games in general (due to Blu-Ray obviously). A good step forward since I already own a PS2, also has free multiplayer unlike the 360 and (IMO) the controllers are more durable and better designed. Downsides here - FAT models overheat, Slim models aren't that cheap (if I want to go for a big HDD). Wii: Nothing to do with the PS3 or 360, a few good exclusives, unique control system and cheap too. Good for sports, but few play multiplayer on shooters and racers and most games get boring after being completed once. Some other drawbacks are the lack of achievements and the lack of true Full HD output (I know some third party cables claim they can do this, but all it is is a bunch of upscaling)... So that's what I think of the three, all in all. Now I'm ready to hear YOUR opinion! Have something good to say about a console? Say it. Have something bad to say about a console? Say it. I'll average out the opinions and pick my console based on the replies.
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