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  1. The only way to top off your Venmo balance is to apply for a Venmo debit card, link your bank account to it, and then use it to make money transfers into your Venmo account. This is the only alternative to having someone send you money via Venmo. Debit/credit cards and bank accounts can also be used to make payments using Venmo, but these methods cannot be used to add funds to your Venmo balance. Venmo is a convenient way to send, receive and spend money using only a smartphone. To use your Venmo account, you need to add money to it or have a linked payment method. +1(909)589-1327 If you are not sure how to add money to Venmo, read on to learn the details. How to Add Money to Venmo Overview Describe Venmo PayPal offers a mobile payment platform called Venmo. Using a smartphone app called Venmo, users can send and receive money. Venmo also enables businesses to accept payments from its users. Methods for Adding Cash to Venmo On your Venmo account, money can be made available in a number of different ways. They consist of: · Bank transfer · Direct deposit · Check deposit · Credit card · Debit card. The details of the different ways to fund a Venmo account are explained below. Add Money to Venmo from Your Bank Account One solution for adding money to Venmo is to add it directly from a normal bank account to your Venmo balance. +1(909)589-1327 The instructions below outline how to add money to Venmo card from your bank account. The only people who can immediately contribute money from their bank account to their Venmo balance are owners of a Mastercard debit card that was issued by Venmo. It follows that you must first apply for and obtains a Venmo debit card: 1. Open the Venmo app 2. Go to the Cards tab 3. Under Venmo Debit Card select the option to Get Started. After you receive your Venmo debit card, you need to link your bank account to your Venmo account: 1. Select the You tab 2. From the Settings menu, choose Payment Methods 3. Tap Add a Bank or Card 4. Select Bank 5. Choose your preferred verification method. Once your bank account is verified, you can initiate the transfer from your bank account: Money from a Credit or Debit Card Can Be Added to Venmo Only bank transfers from linked bank accounts can be used to contribute money straight to your Venmo balance. However, it is possible to send money to people using Venmo even if your balance is zero. You can do this through a linked payment method. When you send money to a friend or pay a seller, the money will come from your linked payment method rather than your Venmo balance if the payment or transfer amount is larger than your Venmo balance. You don’t need to have a positive Venmo balance to send money using Venmo. You just need a verified payment method. One of the payment methods you can use is a credit or debit card issued by your bank. Follow the steps below to link your credit or debit card to your Venmo account: · Open the Venmo app · Select the You tab · From the Settings menu, select Payment Methods · Tap Add a Bank or Card · Select Card · Add your card information. You can use your phone’s camera to add your credit or debit card information quickly and easily. You can also enter the card number and other details manually if you prefer. Once your card is linked, you can select it as the payment method when you want to send money or pay a merchant using Venmo. Please note that payments funded by credit cards are subject to a 3% fee unless the purchase is made from selected merchants. Add Money to Your Venmo Balance The only way you +1(909)589-1327 can add money directly to your Venmo card balance yourself at any time is if you transfer it from a linked bank account. However, you only have this option if you have applied for and been issued a Venmo debit card. Venmo Direct Deposit The other option for adding money directly to your Venmo account is to arrange for your paychecks to be deposited directly into your Venmo account. To set up direct deposit, follow the steps shown below: · Open the Venmo app · Select the You tab · From the Setting menu, select Direct Deposit · Select Show Account Number · Take note of the account information and routing number shown · Use these details to fill out your employer’s direct deposit information form. If you are asked for the name and address of your bank when filling out the form, you can get the details of Venmo’s partner bank from the Venmo customer support website at help.venmo.com. Once you have filled out the direct deposit information, it is up to your employer to begin depositing funds into your Venmo account. It may take up to two pay cycles for changes in direct deposit details to take effect. Once you have set up direct deposit, your paychecks will begin adding to your Venmo balance. Final Thoughts There are several methods of how to add money to Venmo card. You can transfer directly from your bank account, or arrange a direct deposit of your paycheck to add to your Venmo balance. However, you do not need to have a Venmo balance to use the app; you can send money using Venmo through a linked payment method. It takes 3-5 business days for a bank transfer of funds to reflect on your Venmo balance. There is no delay when sending or paying using linked payment methods.
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