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Found 2 results

  1. Okay I'm asking a lot of questions here at once. I'm not too savvy with computers. So in my apartment I have a TL-WR340G router and my upload speed is really slow. I do a lot of video editing for YouTube and so I'm trying to figure out how to upload videos faster. I seem to be capping out at around 700 Kbps but I'm supposed to be getting 70 megabits per second on this connection. Everything is hooked up over wireless. The speeds are the same on my new Mac and on my old windows PC.
  2. I am paying for 15 mbps download, but lately I have only been getting between 1 or 2 Mbps. I call my ISP and complain, but they keep saying that it is our router, but I always bypass the router when I test! And when I test @ speeedtest.net, the closest server always has the slowest results, a full 10 Mbps slower. Ping is all over the place and my upload tests take FOREVER to finish. This is with, both, Google Chrome and IE. When I talk to CS for my ISP, they ALWAYS say that everything looks great from their end. When the service guys show up they test and say we have a signal, exactly what does "You have signal" mean anyway? I am sure we do, but it isn't what we are paying for. They replaced the modem three times in the last 18 mos, had the lead tech out a half a dozen times. One time, and one time only, did they admit that there was a bandwidth issue and "noise". If Suddenlink didn't have a proprietary monopoly in this town, I would switch providers! Can someone help me troubleshoot this? Cause they sure as heck won't!
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