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Found 4 results

  1. SIR, i need help!jst few a days ago, everything was okay about my interneti have a 600Kbits per sc connection, cable modemso my downlaoding speed is around 60-70 kbytes/ssame in utorrent and in browser downlaods,i use windows 8.1 pro, 64 bits, recently my google chrome was turning slow and firefox too, i dunno if my pc was infected by viruses. i scanned wit havast and bitdefender free versions and found nothing.and yesterday when i tried to download a pdf file, i dunno why nut downlaod spee dwas horrible, started with 24 and then it was like 3-4 kbytes/s and it even failed later.i thought it was a connection problem so i restrted my connection, browing was fine everything except downloading seemed okay.i tried doing the same things with different browsers like firefox or internet explorer but the problem was same.shockingly when i tried utorrent, it was perfectly normal, it gave the ususal downlaod speed of 60-70 kbytes/sso it seems the problem was onl in downloading with broswers and no problem with browsing and utorrent.i hard resetted my pc and reinstalled fresh copy of win 8.1but again twas the same.did it 3 times already but no change.i dunno if it is a virus or something but i am exhaousted, plzz help soon( before formattin my pc , i backed up my files in an external hdd so it may be possible taht if tehre is a virus involved then it may have came back due to my external hdd) P.S: i checked Speedtest.net and there too, showed 0.56 mbps , so it was normal there too Yesterday night, all of a sudden, my downloads were okay, but everything came back to the same problem today morning.I randomly tried downloading some .exe files but no luck. Then i tried downloading some Dell driver from Dell's Website and it was downloading with perfectly normal speed! That time, quickly i tried downlaoding a video file from my chrome browser using an add-on that i have (i usually downlaod videos by addons that detect and capture them) installed, and it give normal speed! I thought the problem must have resolved somehow but then again when i tried to do for another video file, same problem, it stuck with 5-10 kbps. But this time something was different, although it didnt give normal speed for other downlaods, that dell driver file, when i resumed it was downloading normally. I dont understand whats happening with my pc. Of course if it would have been only happened with my videos then it would be okay but it happens with every browser and .pdf , .exe ( even when i tried to download mozzila firefox steup from filehippo.com, there was the same issue ) :'( so what do i do? at least i need to know what kind of absurd problem is this, is this releated to installing windows 8.1 , cuz i never had this kind of problem anytime. and i dont think any kind of viruses can affect it, and as my browsing and other downlaod operations i.e; utorrent is working fine so i can eliminate any lose connection of the cables. right? so the problem comes down to drivers or something in the system?? today, I downloaded and installed 3 realtek lan drivers ( PCIe GME ) from which one of them was from the original realtek website...and as expected, I had no luck :'(GUYS I am reverting back to XP , plz guys if u have any ideas left then help me out!! Srry sir, i have copied my posts from some other blog cuz i coudnt get my answer there, more info : there are some files( like an episode among the series of some show) which get normal speed once in a while in all the browsers but other similar files from the same website do not.i downlaoded some dell software and it was okay in any conditionwhile i was downlaoding an episode from a series nad it was not okay, from the same website, i happened to come accross some random episode frm the same website which was okay, like that i get to come accross rarely some different types of files when i experiment downlaoding. i am stuck. plzz at least tell me should i give up and intsall XP it seems absurd because i never had this kind of problem, even whem i installed win 8.1 , it worked fine initially but now, no matter how many times i install it, it never gets fixed. and also, whenever i try to downlaod ethernet drivers i.e, PCIe GME for my motherboard i.e; DG41RQ i get the same links that i have tried. and i can never find any mention of any chipset name :/so even if i find out my chipset name, what do i do? PLZZ RPLT SIR, I SERIOUSLY NEED HELP!!
  2. Hello.When I am downloading an image that I want to save, the date and time show are shown.I can't save anything unless I delete the time. So I need to click on it, then back spaceto get rid of it. If I try to save it with the time,a message appears saying - 'This is not a valid file name'. I need to do this over and over. It wastes a lot of time.Is there a way to disable or tweak this feature, so I don't have to keep doing that?Can make one nuts. Thanks so much if anyone has an answer.
  3. I am paying for 15 mbps download, but lately I have only been getting between 1 or 2 Mbps. I call my ISP and complain, but they keep saying that it is our router, but I always bypass the router when I test! And when I test @ speeedtest.net, the closest server always has the slowest results, a full 10 Mbps slower. Ping is all over the place and my upload tests take FOREVER to finish. This is with, both, Google Chrome and IE. When I talk to CS for my ISP, they ALWAYS say that everything looks great from their end. When the service guys show up they test and say we have a signal, exactly what does "You have signal" mean anyway? I am sure we do, but it isn't what we are paying for. They replaced the modem three times in the last 18 mos, had the lead tech out a half a dozen times. One time, and one time only, did they admit that there was a bandwidth issue and "noise". If Suddenlink didn't have a proprietary monopoly in this town, I would switch providers! Can someone help me troubleshoot this? Cause they sure as heck won't!
  4. I have installed Dropbox on my Samsung Galaxy S. And I use it a lot to upload stuff to. But lately I find myself stuck, because I want a picture thats in my Dropbox, but I cant find it, because its automatic labeled to for example: "2-11-7-13-12-12-12". And I dont want to download them all, because I dont need them all, but also I have to download over 3g. And thats going to cause a lot of traffic I dont want. How do I preview images in my Dropbox on my Galaxy S without downloading them to my Galaxy?
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