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  1. I have outlook set to include my signature with all new emails but when I right click a file and choose Send to Mail recipient, my signature is not included. anyone know how to make this work I have windows 7 64 bit with Outlook 2010 32 bit cheers
  2. I would like to hit a short cut key in any application that would bring up a new message in outlook to compose, simmilar to the short cut keys in Evernote for a new note. I am always in another program when I need to send an email and I have to mouse over to the outlook icon and then open outlook and then click on "New Message". Do you guys have any suggestions?
  3. We are using Outlook 2010 here at the office. And several people are getting the message that there inbox is out of space. And those people have over 3500 emails in there inbox. When I started here I made folders for everyone of my subjects so I can archive easely. But now I want to know how many emails I have. Q: How do I find out how many emails I have, including all the folders, using Outlook 2010?
  4. Randy Writes: Hi, How do I send an Outlook Contact Group, including its names, addresses, etc., to another computer? Thanks,
  5. I have Windows 7 and MS Office 2010, Norton 360 & CCleaner only for virus & registry scans. CCleaner deleted MS Outlook. I doubt very much it was Norton and I seem to recall that it was after the CCleaner scan & fix that I couldn't open Outlook anymore. I managed to create another Outlook file but contacts are empty. I had informational dates, addresses, birth dates, phone numbers and a whole host of other information that I had got to get back if I can. How can I undo the general cleaner and registry cleaner to before this happened? I have all of the CCleaner registry cleaners backed up - I just don't know how to undo the processes.
  6. Hi, How is it possible or is it possible to permanently delete e mails that you have deleted from outlook but still keep appearing in the ost file even after you have synchronized..The system is connected to the Microsoft Exchange server and there are some emails which I want removed permanently..Is it something to do with being in cached exchange mode or what.. can this be changed???
  7. HiI have a problem in recovering emails deleted. the emails in question are from a previous employer & I need to recover them to cover my back. Help Really needed Colin
  8. Jon S. writes: Your article comes very close to what I am trying to set up with a rather large list of e-mail addresses (usually 200 to 300 a month), and what I am trying to do is figure some way to quickly set this up as a contact group or list of contacts so we can do a merge and personalize the e-mail, rather than making it generic. Any suggestions? Manual entry would be WAY too time-consuming.
  9. I have looked at your posted answer regarding restoring permanently deleted emails from your deleted folder, but when I click on my Toolbar, it only comes up with a very short menu and certainly not with anything helpful like 'restore deleted files'. When I go to Tools, it seems to be more about the computer than the programme I am in, namely Office Outlook Web Access 2007. Please can you help me? I'm desperate! Thank you. Anna
  10. Hi. I have Outlook and Office 2010 and Windows 7. I was working very late tonight and while working, I lost all the colors on my Outlook interface. The only color I see, besides a sea of white, is the icons of the folders and envelopes and a pale (almost invisible) aqua highlight of where the cursor is in my Inbox and email list. I have looked everyplace possible to no avail. The Options color scheme does nothing. It was set to the silver scheme. When this happened, I was working on my Website on one monitor (with many tabs open), and had another browser window open (both were Firefox), and was listening to an ABC TV program on the 2nd monitor while working. I did not download any software to do so (and have done this before). I also had Publisher, Word and Excel open. I am running Microsoft's anti-virus program and I do not have any viruses or spyware. Why would the colors vanish? And when I was not even working in the program? It's like emailing in the Antartic! Appreciate your help.
  11. Hi,I just bout an imac and have moved all my docs over from an old dell laptop. No problem.I set up my email (hotmail) in Outlook, but the folders I created and filled with important emails and docs did not get picked up as they had on my PC.On the PC I could create a folder in hotmail or in Outlook and they would automatically appear in the other place. No problemThanks for this site. I'll be visiting a lot. M
  12. Have outlook and want to delete an email stuck in send. I show Offline at the bottom of the email page?h
  13. How do I replace my contacts data file with a new file with more current information? I exported my prior contacts file and cleaned it up to the point where I want to replace my primary contacts file with my new one. I have been able to import my file to a new folder but I do not know how to replace my primary contacts file which is the one I use to sink to my phone. Thanks a million.
  14. First, Groovy Answers gets two thumbs up (three, if I had another thumb!)! I found the article "Send Personalized Mass Emails Using Outlook 2010" extremely helpful. However, I need some more help. Can anyone tell me how to add a signature and logo to a batch email? Thanks again for the help, bf
  15. how do i shut off the annoying beep that occurs when sending a message in outlook 2007? i've disabled every sound option i can find.
  16. How do you determine the date that a seond email account is added to an outlook account?
  17. Employer changed e-mail account names after company name change. Approx 1 month later Outlook flags stopped working appropriately. all but one selection flag "today" stopped working. How do I fix this? Searched for Outlook settings affecting flags, customized ribbon by setting-up new group to appear in the ribbon (the options I want, display as greyed out and not available still), searched on-line for fixes for the problem (only found fixes for Outlook 2007 OR upgraded systems - 2007 to 2010). Have asked IT to re-install Outlook (not happened yet)..., THEN looked at the 'old' e-mail account with the company's old name and all the flag functions I used are functional there..., but NOT in the new e-mail account! Got any suggestions?
  18. Hi ,I built a form in a public folder and saved it right in one of the PF folders. When I want to add or substract a field of that specific form everything works fine . However - when I attempt to change something in the Advanced Prperties of the whole page it seems that I am doing something wrong . 95% of the time it simy doesn't work - I change the Background color and the when I " run the for " and /or Publish it it doesn't accept the new color . Can you help me please! Philippe
  19. How do you save a shortcut in your favorites bar to another users inbox when they have given you delagate rights to their mailbox.
  20. Hello,When is open an attachment in outlook 2010 and i modify it i want to save it in the outlook mail. But because it is read only i can't. In outlook 2007 i could do this. How can i fix this?I hope you understand my question.Thnx Ernst van Wijk,Holland
  21. I had to Re do my PC and now I no longer have the Auto Complete Email Addresses feature for my Outlook 2007. It used to work so when I start typing the Persons name or email in the To or CC field it would Auto Complete it and then I could select it then Send the messagde. Please help me figure this problem out.
  22. my iphone 4 is all of a sudden having problems syncing to my Outlook calendar. Any solutions. Used to work fine, but now....have error message that the sync manager could not sync outlook calendar. Help!
  23. Hi When composing emails in Outlook 2007 Vista, I've always had a mini toolbar present at all times -until now Suddenly it has disappeared and only fleetingly reappears when I click on Message, Insert, Options,Format Text pull downs menus I realise that I'm thick, but how do I get the mini toolbar to stay there while I'm composing my new email? Many thanks for any fix you can suggest, it's driving me mad John H
  24. Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 "download file" box will not go away after i accidentally closed outlook during a file download. Now, every time i open up outlook inbox this file download box opens and attempts to open a file, forcing internet explorer browser to open. I really want to resolve this issue, it isn't really annoying and pointless. The file it is attempting to open is no longer contained in any email or in the temporary folders that i am aware of . I have attempted emptying and cleaning temp files, system restore and some other things which have not worked. Could you please advise on how i could fix this? Thanks, bewildered frustrated, outlook user Chris
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