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  1. Hi MrGroove I moved from MS virtual server 2005 to Hyper V didn't use any tool to migrate, just did a straight forward copy and paste from the MS server to Hyper V, and tried to copy it from the MS server to Hyper V on the Hyper V machine. Thought that there may be some funny thing corrupting the file during copy. Regards
  2. HI there I currently Converted from virtual server to Hyper V, the one server converted with no problems and started up just fine. This server had a 20GB VHD file. The second server i tried to migrate was a server with a a 56GB VHD. When I tried to attach the VHD in a new or existing virtual machine I'm stuck with the following problem. Error: 'The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable' I have attached a screen shot of the complete error. Any ideas any one?
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